NFT Cuties Staking : with Infinity Pools April 18th

2 min readApr 12, 2024


THE TIME IS HERE! Cuties NFT staking going live April 18th on the Infinity Pools platform.

Its been a long time since the mint of the Charli3 Cuties, and we are excited to finally bring the long awaited unique staking mechanism to this collection (of both collections). We will do an X spaces on the day to discuss the launch of infinity pools and those unique mechanisms……and maybe more! ;)

Details: (how to stake…

  • Both the Cuties, and Cuties Extension, will be open for staking rewards.
  • The staking mechanism is unique to Charli3
  • You will need C3 tokens and the Cutie NFT to stake
  • Rewards are all the same for every rarity (133 C3)
  • NFT rarity changes the amount of needed C3 for staking
  • C3 lockup needed = Uncommon: 1000 C3 | Rare: 800 C3 | Epic: 600 C3| Legendary: 400 C3Mythic: 0 C3
  • 3 Cuties MAXIMUM stake per account.
  • lockup is 4 months for maximum rewards.
  • targeted ROI in C3 = ~30%

The rewards were calculated based on 25% of the 80 ADA mint price at $0.90/ADA = $22 of C3 at $0.165 = 133 C3 each

Each Cutie staked gets separate rewards

Unique staking theory

The economic theory behind this staking mechanism is anti whale, and higher trading volume by bringing the Defi token holders and NFT communities together.

with the need to stake C3 tokens with the NFT, it discourages collection by NFT whales, promoting selling of the NFTs to others in order to get C3 to stake with. This allows the collection to be spread amongst more holders. by limiting each account to 3 cuties staked, it also promotes more dispersion of the collection. the lockup of tokens also helps TVA of C3. All of this promotes more buying and holding of the C3 token, and more volume of the Cuties NFT collection, and outreach of C3 to other places.


Dont have a cutie?! NO WORRIES! During the anniversary month announcements there will be a fair amount of Cuties giveaways to people who already have C3 tokens. Look out for these opportunities to gain your access to free staking income.