NEWM integrates Charli3 oracles.

2 min readJun 5, 2024


CHARLI3 is happy to announce the 7th Oracle integrator, NEWM, a company revolutionizing musical IP using blockchain tech.

NEWM is pushing the boundary with music IP and sales on blockchain tech and has begun using the custom NEWM/USD feed from CHARLI3 oracles.

The feed will display the current NEWM pricing of USD to users of the NEWM marketplace.

In the future, a deeper integration may take place where artists can price their listings in USD and users can purchase with NEWM based on the oracle exchange rate.

“Oracles like our Charli3 NEWM/USD feed are necessary in providing the accurate data we need for where we want to take music DeFI.

If we need to perform a swap denominated in NEWM, but Artists and Fans are used to thinking in USD, bringing the C3 Oracle Feed Utxo into the smart contract makes it easy and convenient for the end user to know how much value they’re transferring.

This seamlessly brings the real-world on-chain in such a way that we don’t have to manage and is decentralized. Traders have accurate data, everyone wins.”

-Andew Westberg, CTO, NEWM