New Integrator/Partner: Veralidity e-commerce solutions

2 min readFeb 5, 2024


Charli3 Oracles have been integrated by Veraldity, an e-commerce magento plugin platform on Cardano & Ergo.

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The Charli3 ADA/USD and C3/ADA Oracle feeds have been integrated by Veralidity as part of a larger partnership plan to stretch into the future. This allows current merchants to have accurate payments in ADA and C3 if they desire.

With growing crypto mainstream acceptance, E-Commerce with web2 is expanding operations to web3 interfaces, with this, they will need accurate data, and pricing, to manage their “real-world” shops and commerce, meaning, they will all need oracles.

Veralidity, with their connections and tech, will partner with Charli3 to attain those customers and bridge the gap together, increasing the adoption of crypto and Cardano even further through web2 commerce.

The proposed platforms from Veralidity allow companies to offer payments in an array of assets, pulling Charli3 Oracle data directly from the blockchain, and not unsafe single point API’s. increasing transparency, security, and auditability for their enterprises.

Example of a magento store front with Veralidity.
Example: Magento store front setting for E-commerce using Veralidity

This is just the beginning of what Charli3 and Veralidity can do together. As more e-commerce customers come on board, the larger the oracle offerings from Charli3 will become. We hope to provide all types of information and data on chain for a wide variety of legacy industry customers.

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