New Integrator: DripDropz integrates Charli3 Oracles

2 min readOct 23, 2023


CHARLI3 welcomes it’s 3rd integrator, DripDropz, which successfully integrated the protocol’s decentralized oracles into their platform.

As Cardano expands, more security of data is needed to protect the economy of the ecosystem. DripDropz believes in this stability and safety for their ecosystem. The platform has successfully integrated Charli3’s ADA/USD price feed to their back-end infrastructure.

This community ADA/USD feed is FULLY SUBSIDIZED and free for all to use. Running in main-net for over a year

What effect does it have?

The Oracle feed is directly plugged in to DripDropz backend through their chain level protocol, nicknamed “Phyrhose”,

This integration is used to calculate whether a given user has gone over the platform’s claim limits and must KYC before resuming token claims. the Oracle is directly integrated with DripDropz AML compliance policy and Fincen registration.

“it was very quick to integrate the feed. I just had to find the location of the OracleFeed NFT in the chain indexer and read the datum values. It only took 2 hours” — Andrew Westberg

Further Collaboration:

DripDropz will also be assisting in Charli3’s bridge operation by being the claim portal for all Cardano Native C3 tokens being moved through the Charli3 bridge.

Charli3’s ecosystem adoption continues as the protocol has just finished our 3rd generation infrastructure update. There are many announcements and products on the very near horizon, please stay tuned!

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DripDropz is the most trusted token claim platform on Cardano. The platform helps expose project’s tokens to more holders, manage claims from transfers, contests, etc…

Charli3 Oracles is the premier is the premier Cardano native oracle service. The Charli3 oracle network is focused on security through decentralization, robust data acquisition, and transparency/audibility of data presentation.