Double Yield Farm: Charli3 x Wingriders

2 min readOct 2, 2022

The excitement continues! Charli3 and Wingriders Dex announce a double-yield farm. This means you earn both C3 and WRT from your LP stake. instructions on how to do so at the bottom of the article.

The details:

  • C3 and ADA deposited for LP on Wingriders Dex, then deposit LP tokens for yield farm
  • Length of Farm = 6 months
  • Farm start = Sunday, October 2nd
  • Add liquidity before 21:45 UTC, October 7th (epoch 368)to get the first rewards ~140%(APR recalculated as the farm fills)
  • First 5 epoch rewards 3:1, C3:WRT, guaranteed.
  • Aim to sustain rewards around 40%+ for the 6-month duration. more WRT and C3 will be added to maintain if needed.

Why do the farm? after all, C3 has stated they wouldn't be doing one. Charli3 feels that this is good strategic timing to offer rewards to the community for all their support, as well as lock up tokens for stability ahead of our product launch.

Token rewards can be harvested every epoch (5 days) on Wingriders Dex

What about the old ERC20 C3 holders?

  • We apologize that you will not be able to participate in this farm opportunity. the Nomad hack was unfortunate, but we cant divert development to creating a new bridge.
  • There will be other farming opportunities in the future after a bridge is completed.

How to farm on Wingriders:

Max your yeild: