Developer updates begin!

The moment has come for Charli3 that many have been waiting for. Developer Updates! Our dev team is moving swiftly and efficiently through their intended goals. The delay in public updates was based on feedback from the Cardano Foundation in regards to the translation of code to Haskell. Taking their advice, we took 1 step back to take 2 steps forward by creating an updated base architecture in order to have the best experience at launch for the Cardano Mainnet.


This week we are preparing a Haskell prototype to research our hypotheses of how to most effectively leverage the Cardano Extended UTXO transaction model within the Plutus Application Backend. This prototype will evolve accordingly through our testing process before we make our way to public testing on Alonzo White.

The full dev team has shown great skill and efficiency in adapting their existing Haskell knowledge for the requirements of Cardano, running through the 1st round of the Plutus Pioneers lectures and course material in a short time frame.

They are also all officially registered in the Plutus Pioneers 2nd class where they will obtain official qualifications. We expect them to do very well as they have mastered the content from the first course.

We thank you, the community, for showing such pride and support in our project and we aim to continually update you with all the latest Charli3 information.

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