Dev. Portal LIVE!

3 min readJan 29, 2024


CHARLI3 Launches their Developer portal.

The first view of Charli3 operations!

Thank you all for sticking with us all this time.

This dev portal launch gives the first visual insight into the Charli3 operations' inner workings. The available offerings will expand significantly with the community feeds treasury, up to 30 free data feeds.

On this page you will have access to:

  • All Charli3 Data Feeds on Main-net and Test-Net(pre. production)
  • All details of each feed
  • Historical data fully Auditable on Cardano Ledger
  • Search capabilities to find specific feeds
  • Ways to set up consultations and contact

On the details page, you can see a standard chart of all updates with details

let's take a closer look at the previous updates portion.

The triggers are the set price deviations and scheduled updates. They work in tandem.

Deviation change: if the price changes by the specified amount, in this case, it is 1%, then an automatic update with happen. These updates happen fast to keep up with volatility, which sometimes means less nodes will be involved for fast consensus for customers.
Scheduled Update: These updates happen on a set time after a deviation change has been triggered. In this case, a update will happen 6 hours after a deviation change, unless another deviation change happens in the 6 hour period, which then resets the clock.

This ensures the lowest cost of updates to the customer while maintaining the most accurate data possible.

CHARLI3 advantage (security and regulation), and Historical records:
we can also see all node rewards and all records of every node’s operation in the aggregation. simply click the hash links for full details.

Presenting all aggregation steps on-chain makes Charli3’s operations the only fully native Cardano Oracle, completely auditable in every transaction on Cardano Ledger.

The feed parameters are customizable per customer to vary their operational price, as each update costs around 3.95 ADA. Changing these parameters can help to increase data update frequency or lower costs.
- Deviation trigger %
- Scheduled Update Heartbeat (24 hour minimum)
- Amount of nodes (3 minimum)
(Charli3 recommended parameters for optimal cost — data accuracy and security = 5 nodes, 2% deviation, 6-hour heartbeat.

The current feeds listed are not all we offer. Charli3 can manage any data pairs a customer may want, and other outside data.

  • Crypto
  • stocks
  • commodities
  • weather
  • sports
  • shipping logs
  • manufacturing logs
  • election results
  • academic records
  • medical records
  • etc.etc.etc….. so long as the data is packaged in API’s in the real world, we can bring it on chain.

We will demonstrate some odd pairs just for fun in the future.


our next large updates to the dev portal will be a customer portal, data source list and dev language plugins.

The customer portal will feature a side page displaying all paid-for data feeds, detailed invoices, and parameter change requests.

The dev language plugins will make it easier for other dapps to integrate the oracle into their systems.

and a full list of all data sources for all data feeds.


and as always, our full integration documentation is here, ready for any to integrate the live feeds into their dapps.