Charli3’s First NFT Platform Collaboration with Canuckz NFTs

We are excited to announce our first partnership with an NFT platform. the Canuckz NFT project speaks to us personally as we are mostly Canadian.

The NFT market is booming, with creations being minted for anything from pixel art to real estate to health records. The varieties are wide and Charli3 aims to have a few uses within the Canuckz platform.

The Canuckz platform will aid in NFT operations we have for community engagement by hosting a C3 portal page on their site to sell unique and limited run NFT creations to be distributed or purchased in a multitude of ways, including auctions on Cardano smart contracts in the future. The team will also be running a Charli3 node to assist us in data-providing operations to our partners.

— -The unique function we aim to build together is NFT art generation via the use of an algorithm that tracks oracle price data per epoch and displays it in abstract or surreal artistic expression. — -

About Canuckz

CANUCKZ NFT is an NFT project consisting of 10K unique non-fungible tokens on the Cardano blockchain, featuring Canadiana art and culture. The founders have been involved with Cardano since the incentivized test net, and have continued to focus on building and educating the community through associations and local projects intended to increase financial literacy and awareness. Canuckz NFT also offers minting services and Cardano NFT consulting.

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About Charli3

CHARLI3 is the first decentralized oracle solution for the Cardano network that interacts with resources outside of, and on, the Cardano blockchain. CHARLI3 is a powerful intermediary using smart contracts to interface with off-chain data in an efficient and decentralized manner. By being native to Cardano’s blockchain, it will have the lowest barrier to entry for functioning as the standard decentralized oracle of all Cardano based projects. CHARLI3 will be the clear choice for any project building on the Cardano blockchain.

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