Charli3’s 4th Integrator: VyFinance

2 min readNov 7, 2023

Charli3’s Oracle systems have been integrated by VyFinance to support security in their backend infrastructure. We are excited to add them to the Charli3 integrator network.

Many crypto platforms manage staking/farming payouts in terms of ecosystem token worth(ADA) or stable coin values (USD). VyFinance is one such platform that offers services such as yield farming and single sided staking called “Vaults”, these services require accurate payouts to their customers.

To manage accurate values, the VyFinance team has integrated Charli3’s ADA/USD price oracle to ensure security in Vault analytics data, including APR and TVL.

“The C3 oracle is extremely easy to use and read on-chain, its great that they handle all the work of aggregating price data from many sources.” — Ryan Felt, VyFinance CTO

Charli3’s ADA/USD feed manages the price of ADA from 15 separate sources, ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date values of Cardano’s native asset, and ensuring the security of monetary value payouts for systems such as VyFinance’s vaults.

VyFinance and Charli3 have been working together through many operations over the past 2 years. Such as the C3 Vault to gain C3 rewards, a C3 listing on their Dex, advisory work, and members of the Cardano DeFi Alliance.

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VyFinance is DEx & DeFi protocol within the Cardano ecosystem. In addition to building a DEX, VyFinance has been one of the principal software innovators in the Cardano ecosystem. Thus far we have been instrumental in creating first time applications such as governance, a functional lottery design, NFT staking, stakeless LPs, Layer Two LPs and multi-currency token staking. These developments have allowed VyFinance to be a pioneer and stand out amongst the layer one protocols building within Cardano.

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