Charli3 to Form Data Integration With Unvest

Charli3 will provide price feeds for Unvest’s marketplace needs

UNVEST’s LVTs, already live (as a proof of concept) on Ethereum, allow locked tokens to be traded OTC in a fully secure manner. They will use CHARLI3's Cardano Oracles to provide price feeds for future Unvest marketplace services, as well as event-based vesting and token locking products across the Unvest product family.

We see Charli3 as a key long-term ecosystem partner. -Kiran Mathews CEO Unvest

About Unvest

UNVEST is the open multi-chain DeFi protocol for trading locked tokens. They provide free, fully customizable Vesting and Token Distribution for project owners.

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About Charli3

CHARLI3 is the first decentralized oracle solution for the Cardano network that interacts with resources outside and on the Cardano blockchain. CHARLI3 is a powerful intermediary using smart contracts to interface with off-chain data efficiently and decentralized. Furthermore, being native to Cardano’s blockchain will have the lowest barrier to entry for functioning as the standard decentralized oracle of all Cardano-based projects. Thus, CHARLI3 is the clear choice for any project building on the Cardano blockchain.

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