Charli3 Technical Documentation— Oracles Operation

Mar 20, 2023


Gitbook direct link:

Technical solutions are often difficult to understand, however, we feel it necessary to do what we can to educate our community and future users the best we can on the function or Oracles.

This week we publish our “Oracle Operations” section of the Charli3 technical documentation to give insight towards charli3 oracles.

In this documentation, you can read more about:

  • Oracle Contract’s UTXOs
  • Reference Script UTXO
  • Consensus algorithm with a single Node UTXO
  • Consensus algorithm with multiples Node UTXOs
  • Oracle Settings (The Oracle Settings store variables that can be adjusted to fit the feed’s focus and target audience needs)
  • Outlier Detection
  • and much more, here

This documentation will give a good idea of what functional and security parameters the Charli3 oracle network operates under.

We look forward to continuing to build