CHARLI3 Partners with Coin98 Wallet on Data Integration

Coin98 Wallet and CHARLI3 to Collaborate on Proof-of-Concept Bidirectional Data Integration Services on the Cardano blockchain

We are proud to announce that CHARLI3, the first decentralized oracle network for the Cardano network, will be collaborating with Coin98 Wallet, a simple, secure non-custodial wallet and DeFi gateway on bidirectional data integration on Cardano.

CHARLI3 has partnered with Coin98 Wallet to integrate decentralized oracles for more accurate token pricing data and real-time data query enhancement on Cardano. Coin98 Wallet and CHARLI3 will collaborate to bring a more perceptual and more convenient experience to users of both communities.

With CHARLI3’s oracle network, Coin98 Wallet will be able to access decentralized price data for various tokens from reputable crypto price aggregators, crypto exchanges, and premium APIs for foreign exchange rates providers. With this oracle integration, Coin98 Wallet will be provided with a transparent, flexible, and scalable service, and CHARLI3 will gain access to a third-party wallet supporting the network.

CHARLI3 and Coin98 Wallet share a vision to bring cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to the public through simple, user-friendly technologies.


CHARLI3 is the first decentralized oracle network for the Cardano network that interacts with resources outside of the blockchain. CHARLI3 is a powerful intermediary using smart contracts to interface with off-chain data in an efficient and decentralized manner. By being native to Cardano’s blockchain, it will have the lowest barrier to entry for functioning as the standard decentralized oracle of all Cardano-based projects. CHARLI will be the clear choice for any project building on the Cardano blockchain.

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About Coin98 Wallet

Coin98 Wallet is a non-custodial wallet used to store, manage, trade, swap multi-chain, multi-source digital assets. It currently supports all BTC, ETH, TOMO, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polkadot, Kusama, Huobi ECO Chain, Near, Avalanche, Binance Chain, and Celo tokens. Coin98 Wallet has both Mobile App and Extension version, which becomes a gateway connecting users to the DeFi world.

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Cardano's Decentralized Oracle Solution

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Cardano's Decentralized Oracle Solution

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