Charli3: new integrator, NMKR

NMKR NFT platform and ecosystem to integrate Charli3 Oracle feeds and explore Smart NFT creation.

NMKR platform aims to provide an internal trading mechanism on their platform where you can swap out different tokens as payment for NFTs. Accuracy in the price data of these tokens is paramount for trust in the protocol and product users.

Charli3 Oracles will be integrated to provide trusted pricing data for these operations. Starting with the ADA/USD price feed from Charli3’s free subsidized community feeds.

just this feed can help out in a multitude of ways:

The future will bring on chain price feeds to enable other CNTs to be used for minting, trading, and purchasing of NFTs and other products in the NMKR platform.

We also hope to explore Smart NFT integration for future CNFT projects. Smart NFTs are NFTs with integrated oracle data to help them physically evolve and also have potential utility with other applications.


NMKR is a leading blockchain technology provider. By making decentralization usable, the NMKR ecosystem enables companies, artists, developers, and self-starters in the crypto space to effortlessly develop products, make integrations, and open additional revenue streams for art and brands. The NMKR method provides a sustainable and secure ecosystem for blockchain-focused solutions. With a strong focus on accessibility and infrastructure, NMKR delivers a range of tools that offer easy-to-use development APIs and no-code building blocks, which can be modularized and integrated with blockchain. The four specialized tools and services in the NMKR ecosystem are NMKR Studio, NMKR Games, NMKR Agency, and NMKR Store, which provide an interconnected system that sets new standards for development and NFT management. The underlying API technology of NMKR Studio has currently minted over 1 million NFTs on Cardano.

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Charli3 is the leading Plutus native provider of oracle solutions for the Cardano ecosystem. An oracle is a service that brings off-chain data onto the blockchain to increase the utility and reliability of smart contracts by providing accurate and verifiable decentralized data streams from the outside world. Decentralized finance applications require oracle services for their main products to and platforms to function, making oracles a fundamental cornerstone of all blockchain ecosystems.

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