Charli3 Merch! Happy 1 Year to Charli3

Happy 1 Year from Charli3!

We continue the celebrations by bringing you the long-awaited Charli3 Merchandise deSigns! (EACH PIECE A UNIQUE NFT)

  • t-shirts and Hats for now with plans to expand items and designs for the future.
  • we designed these with all types of folks and events in mind.


  • every piece of merch will be its own unique collectible NFT.
  • To achieve this, each T-Shirt will be splattered with bleach or other colors, a picture taken, and minted as an NFT, a QR code attached to the merch, then transfered to your Cardano wallet to go along with your item.

**Bonus: 1 year anniversary t-shirts, only 25! check the end of this post*

for the modest and corporate look:

For the louder branded look to get people to notIce us more and express your love for the clean C3 brand:

Edgy? dang tootin we got it!

Introducing our new mascot! for more fun and artistry:

You want more pizzaz? we got it covered! this is our favorite!

Out in the suN? quality embroidered hats are on standby! (more designs to come)

1 year anniversary BONUS! NFT tye-dYe items from

  • A special set of 25 t-shirts (and maybe some other items) will have some insane tie-dye designs with Charli3 branding printed on.
  • Below are some examples of their work, but please check out their art at
  • UTILITY ADDED for events, future giveaways, and other such things. more details to follow!




Cardano's Decentralized Oracle Solution

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Cardano's Decentralized Oracle Solution

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