Charli3 Development Updates 28/3/22

2 min readMar 28, 2022


As we get closer to projects launching on Cardano main net, we are in the final stages of testing for our MVP. We also have our new catalyst proposals listed below.

we have 2 new proposals.

  1. -Dev Portal- an essential part of integration on C3. This will allow projects to integrate faster and begin their processes with ease and efficiency.
    -Community assessors have said it is the best proposal they have ever seen within Catalyst. We hope to get community support in voting.
  2. - FREE Community Oracle feeds- a continuation of our Fund 7 win to provide free feeds to new projects, allowing them to have less of a financial burden for initial operations. C3 matches the amount won and we want to add to the current treasury to provide free feeds longer.



  • Deployed and tested oracle validator on private testnet
  • Researched light wallet implementation of the offchain code
  • Created an adaptor switching between the custodial and non-custodial offchain code
  • Added feature to retrieve and edit oracle settings to backend
  • Added feature to deploy and operate multiple oracle contracts to backend

In Progress

  • Integrate oracle validator with backend and deploy it in public testnet
  • Backend reliability testing
  • Setup price feed with signature check validator on public testnet
  • Add feature to edit oracle settings to frontend
  • Add backend and node monitoring tools and dashboard
  • Mint C3 tokens in public testnet
  • Update onchain tests with a new unit testing Haskell library


  • Bridging is nearly upon us. There is no set date for this yet, but we are very excited to bring out our CNT to the public and extinguish any doubts about our function
  • The CNT total supply will be minted in batches over a 6 month minting contract. This is to assure the public that we will not have control of too many tokens to begin with and garner trust in long term focus of the project. More details to follow.
  • Total supply WILL NOT CHANGE.


  • Charli3 Tech Talks — every Tuesdaysat 2pm CST (7pm UST), come ask some of the Charli3 devs some questions
  • C3 Haskell devs and partnership with Plank Labs — our long standing devs and development partner will finaly get a dedicated section on the website
  • Website content — we are very aware that much of the content on the website is outdated and in need of upgrading. We are working on new content currently
  • 1000 subscribers on YouTube — more podcasts and updates to come. Podcast with Empowa this week.




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