Charli3 Development Updates 28/2/22



  • Identified an issue with Tx balancing from the wallet API when testing the updated C3 validator on private testnet
  • Troubleshoot issues with the node, PAB, and wallet APIs identified during backend integration
  • Integrated backend with additional data source API and added support for passing dynamic JSON data from the backend API
  • Investigated Cardano-GraphQL and related components required to set up a transaction explorer for private testnet

In Progress

  • Setup GraphQL and a transaction explorer interface for private testnet
  • Create a front-end user interface for interacting with the backend accessing the contracts and APIs
  • Setup an end-to-end integration test connecting API, backend, and C3 contract on private testnet
  • Refactor oracle aggregation validator for aggregating multiple nodes to suit the network constraints — Phase III (validator checks — redesign)


  • CNFT Charli3 Cuties Collection 75% sold out — minting still available….Conversations for future staking and other utility still in the works.
  • 10 Cuties still to be given away from influencers. Kezze, Think Grow Crypto, Sean Benson, Cardano Paul, Cardano Stonerz Club
  • Catalyst Fund 8 Proposals in the works. that's right, Plural!
  • CNT Bridging solutions still being explored.



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