Charli3 Development Updates 20/4/22


  • The ERC20-CNT bridge is nearly here through Cardstarter and on ADAX Cex. Please keep an eye out for details



  • Upgraded to latest plutus-apps with fixes to chain-index and PAB
  • Deployed and started performance testing of oracle contract on public testnet
  • Created new minting policy for NFTs used for identifying UTXOs
  • Added a new function to upgrade the oracle contract to newer version
  • Added a new function to stop and close the oracle contract
  • Added error handling, integration tests to the frontend
  • Added a feature to edit oracle settings to the frontend
  • Refactored and redesigned the backend to improve performance

In Progress

  • Setup continuous price feed oracle with 4 nodes on public testnet
  • Backend and oracle contract reliability testing for the price feed
  • Implement new minting policy in the oracle
  • Refactor backend to implement new design changes
  • Add backend and node monitoring tools
  • Continue working on optimizing the oracle contract


  • Community contests for C3 Prizes (riddles on Twitter and Discord invites)
  • Discord invite contest starts today.
  • Cuties NFTs mint continuation coming after CNT launch
  • 1 year anniversary announcements on the 27th



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