Charli3 Development Updates 13/3/22

We are glad to be sharing more weekly updates for Charli3. Be sure to join our new Tech Talk Twitter Spaces 1 hour show, where the Charli3 Devs recap the last week of updates for and answer any questions from the Community. Tuesdays at 1PM CST


  • Setup multiple contracts with different data sources and test simultaneous update/aggregation in private testnet
  • Create a front-end user interface for interacting with the backend accessing the contracts and APIs
  • Identified a bug with PAB when using validity range constraint and submitted it to IOHK repository (link)

In Progress

  • Add Integration tests deploying and testing multiple contracts on private testnet
  • Add Integration tests for the frontend user-interface
  • Add additional endpoints connecting backend API with contract
  • Deploy and test oracle validator with a signature check on private testnet
  • Refactor oracle aggregation validator for reducing the script size
  • Update onchain tests with a new unit testing Haskell library
  • #353 ValidityRange is not encoded into CBOR when Balancing Transactions
  • SummaryThis bug occurs when the PAB tries to encode a transaction, it “forgets” to insert the required fields to denote the ValidityRange. Then when the wallet receives this CBOR it can’t find the fields and so sets the Range to always. This means that any validator using this field to ensure the timing of a transaction will fail if a value different than always is expected.Steps to reproduce the behaviorUsing a validator with the following checks:
{-# INLINABLE mkContractValidator #-}
:: Parameter
-> MyContractDatum
-> MyContractRedeemer

input-output-hk/plutus-apps | Mar 9th | Added by GitHub


  • 1 Year Anniversary upcoming! Big things to announce for this major milestone, April 27th
  • C3 CNT: will list ASAP on Sundae, Minswap, and Adax CEX.
  • CNFTs: Continued talks with 3rd parties on adding Utility to Charli3 Cuties CNFTs. Currently 3 different entities for 3 different sets of utility.
  • Whitepaper: hired new writer to assist in creating new whitepaper
  • Roadmap: Being updated to reflect our goals for this year



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