Charli3 Development Updates 12/5/22

Hello all. We hope everyone is holding together through these difficult times in the market.

Thank you all for the support of our 1 year anniversary and congrats to all the prize winners from discord, twitter, and telegram competitions

To assure you all that we continue to build, here is a list of our current developments and news.



  • Deployed a swap user contract which uses the oracle price feed on public testnet
  • Developed a Command Line Interface (CLI) for interacting with user swap contract
  • Implemented an error/failure catching mechanism in the oracle contract
  • Added tests for the new minting policy of the NFTs used in oracle contract
  • Deployed and tested the oracle contract with an optimized validator on private testnet

In Progress

  • Internal testing of oracle feed with multiple user contracts utilizing the oracle feed
  • Implement the error catching mechanism in the backend
  • Backend and oracle contract reliability testing for the price feed



  • We will be attending Consensus in Austin Texas June 9th-12th. Co-Founders Robert and Damon will be around to meet with the community and other industry professionals
  • We will have a presence at the IOHK booth to learn more about Charli3


  • Charli3 Cuties 2nd minting policy is currently ongoing We are actively discussing the future of the collection.
  • Current utilities: Royalties all go to to build clean water sources in African communities in need. Draws for tickets to events such as Rarebloom and NFT Expoverse.
  • Tubular Collection — 1 FREE VIP ticket to NFT expoverse in Los Angeles, July 28th-30th , will come up for grabs for interested holders!


  • we are getting all rewards from past competitions sent out. they take a while to do, so we appreciate your patience




Cardano's Decentralized Oracle Solution

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Cardano's Decentralized Oracle Solution

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