Charli3 catalyst fund 8 voting: last chance!

Charli3’s Catalyst Fund 8 Proposals

Voting ends on May 5th! just 2 days left.

The Cardano ecosystem is growing daily, and so is Charli3! We believe in the spirit of the community, and that together we are the change-makers, the innovators. Cardano and Charli3 can act to change the world, and you can play an important role in this.

“How?”, you may ask. By taking a look at our current Catalyst Fund 8 proposals, and voting on them. The first step is voting:

  1. Oracle Developer Portal: — because we value the importance of working together. Through this proposal, we will create a dev portal and a node/feed portal to easily access information, test, and integrate any data feeds.

2. Free off-chain data feeds (part 2)

This proposal will allow us to expand our treasury fund to subsidize free oracle data feeds to help bootstrap the Cardano community. This is a continuation of our previous proposal awarded in Fund7.

Remember registration for voting for Fund 8 has already closed (but registration is now open for Fund 9). If you have already registered, but not voted for Charli3’s proposals, then have no fear, as you still have some time left to vote. Voting ends on May 5, 2022, at 11:00 UTC.




Cardano's Decentralized Oracle Solution

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Cardano's Decentralized Oracle Solution

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