Charli3 C3 Token Staking Live on VyFi

2 min readApr 26, 2023


ITS HERE! C3 token staking (vault farm) is LIVE now on the VyFinance platform. STAKE NOW!

The Road

Charli3 has historically taken a stance of no open farming operations, due to worsening market conditions and low ecosystem liquidity. But no longer! with the launch of our first customer, Liqwid, we have further faith in the stability of the company and token.

Furthermore, we wish to be able to reward our long-term community and open an incentive for new holders, to grow the community and continue oracle and defi education to the masses.

Stake C3 to earn C3

The farm is set up on VyFi’s token vaults, allowing users to stake C3 token for C3 token rewards for a 6.40% APR. This is calculated with an expected 20% of the circulating supply on Cardano to be staked in the farm, which would last 6 months.

The duration of the farm is dependent on allocation to the farm. with regular farms, the yield reduces with increasing allocation. However, with this farm, TIME reduces with more C3 allocation to the farm. So if the allocation is less than expected, the farm will run longer. If it is more, it will be shorter.

Purchase C3

the C3 token can be purchased on any Cardano DEX

ERC20 holders

we understand the worry for old holders of the ERC20 token that you will not be able to participate in this inaugural staking initiative.

Don't be too worried though as we do plan to manage more staking operations for Charli3 after the bridge has been opened and running, allowing holders to put their tokens to use.