Charli3 Anniversary Merch & Store

2 min readApr 28, 2023


Happy anniversary everyone! and what an anniversary it has been!

We are very happy to be bringing Charli3 merch to a Shopify store near you! The first collection will be our 25 anniversary NFT shirts. ONLY 25! 5 smalls, 5 medium, 5 large, 5 XL.

There will be more shirts and merch later on :)

Anniversary Groovy Tie Dye collection!

The sale of all merch will help fund the further development of Charli3 Oracles, and all royalties of shirts and NFTs changing hands will be given to charity.

Other Merch ( )

  • another Merch NFT shirt collection of 125 will launch soon after the anniversary shirts. C3 branded and cyan/red Tie Dyed. — ==See link above^^== — (Rarebloom 2022 conference attendees were able to pre-order these. 32 are already accounted for)
  • C3 regular shirts
  • C3 hats

We aim to have this up ASAP to celebrate the 2nd anniversary and are just working on the ADA payment plugin with Shopify.