Charli3 and Immunify.Life Form Partnership

Charli3 is delighted to announce our partnership with Immunify.Life.

Charli3’s oracle services will help Immunify.Life in completing cross-chain transactions, initially ERC20 to CNT (Ethereum to Cardano) and to other chains in the future as both our platforms work towards chain agnosticism. This functional partnership will aid in Immunify.Life’s long-term ambition to increase healthcare effectiveness, to as many platforms as possible throughout the globe.

About Immunify.Life

IMMUNIFY.LIFE serves the entire health spectrum from the individual patient to rural clinics, governments, international health organizations and global investors in health and has already established pilots in Kenya ( and Cameroon. The data capture technology, management, storage and access to all proprietary data is available to patients and health institutions at no cost, empowering emerging economies globally

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About Charli3

CHARLI3 is the first decentralized oracle solution for the Cardano network that interacts with resources outside of, and on, the Cardano blockchain. CHARLI3 is a powerful intermediary using smart contracts to interface with off-chain data in an efficient and decentralized manner. By being native to Cardano’s blockchain, it will have the lowest barrier to entry for functioning as the standard decentralized oracle of all Cardano based projects. CHARLI3 will be the clear choice for any project building on the Cardano blockchain.

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