Charli3 1 Year Anniversary !!!


Our 1st Anniversary

When we set out to build a decentralized Oracle on Cardano, we did so in a world where Cardano smart-contracts, and Cardano native-tokens were yet to be fully realized. We held our IDO, in April of 2021, on the Ethereum blockchain to raise awareness, and the necessary capital to begin building our vision. Transparency, accountability, and communication have always been major tenets for us at Charli3, so we wanted a fair and community-led funding model, but our end goal was always to bring C3, a key piece of Charli3, home to Cardano when the time was right…

Fast forward to today, the Cardano ecosystem is blossoming before our eyes, and the future has never looked brighter for Charli3! After a long road of challenges and unexpected hurdles, the Charli3 team is very proud to be celebrating our one-year anniversary with you!

We have many things to share with you, but we want to be clear, by stating upfront that our most exciting and definitive future announcements will only be possible after the completion of the CNT bridge. As many of you know, the CNT bridge is imminent, but Cardano ecosystem developers have encountered many unexpected challenges and delays along the way. These delays, coupled with legal constraints placed on us by securities laws, prevent us from revealing the full extent of planned utilities, and the future opportunities of the Charli3 protocol tokens & CNFTs.

Community Engagements

  • To kick it off, we are excited to announce a special dual interview, on the mornings of Wednesday (April 27th) and Friday (April 29th), with one of our earliest investors and former Crypto banter team members, Rudo, and Li! ( Don’t miss the broadcast as there will be C3 CNT and Charli3 Cuties CNFT giveaways ( Plus we think you’ll find his thoughts and perspective very interesting. We have a lot to reflect on this past year as well as looking ahead at what’s to come.

Be on the lookout for announcements through our social media accounts as we have quite a bit of upcoming content:

  • YouTube interviews and video shorts
  • Twitter Spaces,
  • Community competitions such as:
  • An extension to our discord invites competition,
  • More riddles and puzzles
  • Oracle Guru test
  • Giveaways
  • and some other surprises.

Participating in our community contests, and engaging with our content helps us spread awareness about Charli3. We will continue to announce C3 rewards, merchandise, and prizes to show our appreciation for our community!


Merch has been created with new designs, and is ready to be viewed by the community! Are you ready to show off Charli3? How would you like to be one of the first to share our updated mascot to the world?! Look for our Hats and T-shirts to roll out first.


The ERC-20 to CNT bridge is just around the corner. It is our top priority to ensure the C3 (CNT) is brought to our community safely. After launching the C3 token as a CNT, we will have the ability to list it on any of Cardano’s Decentralised Exchanges (DEXs).

The C3 CNT will need to be held in a CNT-compatible wallet. The Charli3 team recommends that you download and use the GeroWallet for all of your C3 (CNT) needs. As our partner, GeroWallet will have the earliest support for the C3 CNT, and will have the ability to quickly and efficiently work together with the Charli3 team to serve our shared communities.

The ERC-20 version of the C3 token will not be disappearing, and will not be removed from the Ethereum blockchain. Liquidity will continue to be supplied until further notice. You are free to decide if you would like your tokens to remain on Ethereum or to be bridged to Cardano.

End Credits Teaser Announcements

We can’t say much, but the Cuties don’t want to stay quiet for too long and may have something to share. ;)

Also, you might want to mark Thursday down on your calendar as we wouldn’t want to end our 1st Anniversary celebration too early. Stay tuned!



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