Catalyst Progress Report: DexAggregator in Python

1 min readJun 19, 2024


The Charli3 team is collaborating with the Steelswap team for the open sourced pythonic dex-aggregator.

As of Jun 19 2024, our team has already completed a MVP. This MVP is not yet ready for public review but will be available on a public repo on the next milestone. Upcoming work includes three categories:

  • bug fixes
  • integrations
  • testing

Work completed

EPICS: MVP (completed) + Testing Suite (in-progress) + Integrated MVP for public use (in-progress)

Bug fixes (4+ weeks of tickets)

Integrations (2 weeks of tickets)

Time to completion (ETA July 2024).

The following screenshot displays all the tickets to-do, in-progress, and completed. It is a non-exhaustive list. We are on target to complete this target on schedule. Thank you for your support.

Project milestones:

Project description:


Project Lead: Robert Hever, co-founder of Charli3 Oracles

Developer ( team):

Developer (Charli3 team):

Developer (Charli3 team):

Anastasia Labs and Mlabs is not involved in this project. is not involved in this project to date, but we may leverage their team for future milestones.

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