Catalyst Fund 6 Proposal — Charli3

Fund 6 proposal
An Oracle’s operation in a blockchain ecosystem is crucial for the function of other projects by connecting them with the data they need to share their product with consumers and other projects. This needed element is not lost on the team at Charli3, and we understand the struggles of creating a working product from scratch. Assisting in stress reduction and aiding the growing ecosystem is at the forefront of our mind when thinking of our fund 6 proposal. ← link — (Quick details below)

We want your feedback on the *proposal* about which price feeds are best for the community

Fund 6 details:

Charli3’s Community Price Feed Mission:

1 month goal: community price feeds for approx. the top cryptocurrencies are available to all projects (ETA. before main net launch)

3–6 month goal: projects using our price feeds successfully (after main net launch )

12 month goal: additional data feeds are included to the community, we are able to extend the availability of these feeds for 3 more years

Achievement Goals:

1: ZERO Cardano projects delay or cancel launch due to lack of basic crypto price feeds

2: Over 1000 active Cardano projects using our price feeds.

Requested funds in USD 25000

This proposal, unlike most others, is not meant for us. It is focused on you, the community.

Our proposal states the intention to allocate 100% of the funding, and match it ourselves, in order to run FREE community price feeds of the most popular crypto coins/pairings. We hope that the funding from this endeavor will enable us to help upcoming projects and stabilize the rise to their success and limit their financial burden along their journey.

Furthermore, we have been in talks with the IOHK to also match this funding and help support the ecosystem growth, bringing out 25k ask to 75k after C3 and IOHK match, providing a longer opportunity to fund free price feeds. We hope the Cardano Foundation may follow suit to also support new project growth and stability within the ecosystem.

The goal in raising these funds is to increase the period that these price feeds will be available to the community for sustained use and development.