C3 Bridging Instructions

4 min readApr 30, 2022

$C3 Token Bridge How-to Guide

Step 1: Navigate to the Nomad Bridge website

Official URL is app.nomad.xyz

The website should appear like the screenshot below

***Only connect to official sites*** Double check the URL is correct.

Step 2: Connect your Wallet

***For this step, make sure you already have a MetaMask wallet created and your $C3 tokens stored in the wallet. You can learn more about how to setup MetaMask here: MetaMask How-to***

  • Select the ‘Connect Wallet’ Button in the top right corner of the Nomad Bridge webpage
  • Sign in if you haven’t already
  • Select your MetaMask account with the stored tokens you are bridging. It should look like the image below.
  • Select Next
  • Select Connect

Step 3: Setup MetaMask for Milkomeda Network

  • Locate the network setting at the top of your MetaMask wallet(shown below)
  • Select Add network
  • Enter the information below to add Milkomeda as a network

Network Name: Milkomeda Cardano (C1)

New RPC URL: https://rpc-mainnet-cardano-evm.c1.milkomeda.com

Chain ID: 2001

Currency Symbol (Optional): MilkADA

Block Explorer URL (Optional): https://explorer-mainnet-cardano-evm.c1.milkomeda.com

  • Change network to Milkomeda by selecting ‘Milkomeda’ from the drop-down list.

Step 4: Setting up the Nomad Bridge

  • Set the Origin as ‘Ethereum’
  • Destination as ‘Milkomeda C1’
  • The addresses should match your MetaMask wallet address
  • It should appear as shown below
  • Select the $C3 from the dropdown menu
  • Enter the total amount of tokens, and Click ‘Next’
  • Select ‘VIA Nomad’, and select ‘SEND’
  • Make sure to only select Via Nomad. Do not select ‘Via Connext’

Step 5: Approve Transaction on MetaMask

  • First approve permission on MetaMask
  • Next, approve the transaction on MetaMask

NOTE: The approval on Nomad can take up to 90 minutes. This is a security measure, and it is verifying the transaction.

IMPORTANT! Do not close the tab for the Nomad Bridge.

Step 6: Wait for Nomad Verification

  • It will appear similar to the image below

Step 7: Prepare ADA fee on Milkomeda *you can do this while you wait*

  • To be able to use the Milkomeda bridge you need to ensure Milkomeda is funded with MilkADA to pay for the Cardano transaction fee. To do so you can create a Nami wallet or Flint wallet. On Nami, entering your Milkomeda address on the send screen will automatically convert to Milkomeda mode, and ADA will automatically be converted to MilkADA. It should look similar to the screenshot below.
  • Remember to input your Milkomeda address (The 0x address used on Nomad in Step 4) and 6–7 ADA as the send amount.
  • The selected amount, minus any bridging fee, will arrive as milkADA in your Milkomeda address.

Step 8: Setting up for Milkomeda

  • Navigate to the Milkomeda Bridge. Make sure your MetaMask Network is set to Milkomeda C1
  • Select the token from the bridge, and set the amount
  • Input the GeroWallet Cardano address where you would like to hold your $C3, and then click send.

Step 9: Approve on MetaMask

  • Approve Permission on MetaMask
  • Approve Transaction on MetaMask
  • Wait for the bridge transaction to complete.

All Finished! Your Cardano Native Token (CNT) Assets should appear in your GeroWallet!