, integrates Charli3 Oracles as their 6th integrator.

2 min readMay 30, 2024

-- has integrated CHARLI3’s custom BOOK/USD oracle feed and ADA/USD for use on their platform.

Books are consumed world wide, connecting many millions of people to the news around them and into far away worlds of fantasy. Reliability of the messages presented in our book readings are key to presenting the best experience to the reader. The CHARLI3 and teams aim to continue this reliability in our blockchain operations and the adoption of new users and readers.

Current uses of Charli3 Oracles

  1. $BEARD real-time pricing
  • Was used to determine BOOK/ADA price when selling The Philosophy of Beards book, Cardano FT DEA, token BEARD
  • Will use moving forward for realtime-pricing of books on multiple currencies
  • The BEARD sale was one of the largest NFT and BOOK sales that crypto has seen and the values for sale pricing were kept stable using CHARLI3 Oracles.

2. $BOOK Token value in wallet in USD

  • Users can now view their $BOOK value by clicking $BOOK balance. These values are updated in real time using CHARLI3 Oracles, helping users stay knowledgeable about their holdings and for future sales on the BOOK platform.

The and CHARLI3 teams are diligent in keeping users informed and bringing security to the Cardano network. Continued use of Oracle networks are paramount for wider adoption, along with real world integrated products like