4 min readApr 18, 2021


Since the inception of Charli3, the team has made it a point to put Charli3’s means to enter the market into careful consideration. Thanks to our collective presence in the defi scene, bearing witness to the shortfalls and successes of hundreds of launches prior to ours; we are able to make decisions which are designed to put the individual consumer first.

It has become widely apparent that utilising a proven and successful IDO platform as a gateway is currently one of the best ways to ensure a smooth and hassle-free launch.

We believe there is none better, more reliable and trustworthy than Cardstarter to be the IDO platform of choice, especially when it comes to the following important factors:

* Community centrism *

Cardstarter’s community focused tier system makes for a great platform to introduce a new token to the market with an even distribution model in mind. The IDO process allows for manageable launch conditions and gets tokens into the hands of those who will be there with us on our journey in the long run.

* Single chain focus *

While some IDO platforms have chosen to launch projects on multiple networks (namely eth and bsc combined), Charli3 is being built for the Cardano ecosystem only. As Cardano is here to stay, and the ecosystem is expected to endure exponential growth once smart contract support is finalised, an IDO platform which gives its undivided attention to the Cardano chain is incumbent on the success of Charli3.

* Productive network *

The Cardstarter team have proven themselves to be a formidable entity in the space. The network and connections they are building are going to have a direct and positive effect on Charli3 as it strives to make a stronghold as the go-to oracle for projects interacting with the Cardano ecosystem. The possibilities are endless, and the partnership makes for an exciting future. Be prepared to witness high demand for integration with Charli3 as more and more projects begin to roll out on Cardano’s blockchain.

* Launch record *

Whilst Charli3 is to be the first IDO for Cardstarter, we only need to look at their own launch to see that it was executed to perfection and free of hiccups. Despite Charli3 himself being anthropomorphized as a robotic character, he does not align himself with the bots that happen to plague the ethereum network, making the lives of traders infinitely more difficult. Having had our own share of bad experiences being front run by bots, it is imperative to the team that we work with an IDO platform who share our sentiment and do everything they can to mitigate the effects of these bad actors when it comes to launch. The measurements Cardstarter took on their own launch will be replicated for Charli3s IDO, providing all of us some relief from scripts and code we battle every day.

While there are many other reasons in the background that add further logic to our choice to progress with Cardstarter, the main points listed above make for an excellent and productive partnership which places the communities experience at the forefront of our considerations.

Charli3 Tokenomics

Seed: ($0.021) — 10% unlock at TGE; 3 months cliff then 15 month linear

Private: ($0.031)- 15% unlock at TGE; 3 month cliff then 9 month linear

Public: ($0.041) — 100% unlock at TGE

Team: 6 month cliff; 18 month linear

Dev fund: 20% unlock at TGE; 3 month cliff then 9 month linear

Reserves: 10% unlock at TGE; 3 month cliff then 21 month linear

This puts Charli3 at a significantly modest initial listing market cap of $600,000 USD, making room for plenty of growth in market capitalisation following launch.

The Charli3 team would like to thank the community for their combined enthusiasm and patience. Remember to spread the word about Charli3, and join us on all of our socials below to stay up to date with news and announcements about the project, so not to miss anything important.