Charli3 oracle is based on eUTXO model and is the first such oracle solution developed on the Cardano ecosystem. Charli3 is designed to be a decentralized solution with the data and aggregation happening on-chain making it a transparent and efficient solution. In this alpha prototype we have designed two types of contracts:

1. Node (for use by Data Providers)

2. Oracle (for use by Data Aggregator)

These contracts work with each other to produce a data feed, which is then aggregated and used by an external third party in a cycle which consists of the following three steps.

Step 1…

The moment has come for Charli3 that many have been waiting for. Developer Updates! Our dev team is moving swiftly and efficiently through their intended goals. The delay in public updates was based on feedback from the Cardano Foundation in regards to the translation of code to Haskell. Taking their advice, we took 1 step back to take 2 steps forward by creating an updated base architecture in order to have the best experience at launch for the Cardano Mainnet.


This week we are preparing a Haskell prototype to research our hypotheses of how to most effectively leverage the…

CHARLI3 is excited about our new data integration partnership with RIDOTTO, the first cross-chain gambling, and lottery protocol.

CHARLI3’s immense capability of providing off-chain data will be at the center of the Ridotto Protocol. With this, Ridotto will be able to feed its randomness-based mechanisms from a decentralized and secure number generator.

RIDOTTO will fetch real-world data through the CHARLI3 Oracle and run all of its numerous Gambling & Lottery games efficiently and with absolute transparency.

RIDOTTO is another addition to the Cardstarter ecosystem as one of their upcoming launches.


Ridotto is the first cross-chain gambling and lottery…

We are excited to announce our intent of data integration with our friends at ADAX to help improve the standard of their platform, by delivering accurate and trusted data.

CHARLI3, the first oracle solution for Cardano to provide off, and on-chain, data will strive to supply ADAX, a non-custodial liquidity DEX, with consistently trusted and accurate up-to-date price feed data for the earliest integration on Cardano main net. This will ensure a trusted model for users on the ADAX platform to perform their trades with confidence.

“To finalize our architecture, we needed a strong partner to come on board…

Charli3 has heard your requests, and is here to deliver! We have expanded our social media presence by adding a Discord group, and starting today we are opening it up to the public! Can’t get enough of Charli3? Not a fan of Telegram? Tired of the English-only groups? Looking for a voice chat? Then head on over to the Charli3 Discord group!

Charli3 is dedicated to the growth of a vibrant, and sustainable community. The Charli3 Discord group will continue to keep you up to date with all of the resources you currently enjoy (Twitter, Medium, YouTube, etc.), but in…

We are proud to announce the partnership between CHARLI3 and Vy-Finance to provide accurate price data feeds to help improve the standard of our platform, as well as deliver this data to off-chain sources.

We will also be working with VyFinance to develop new tools for the integration of their neural net, with our network. An example of this includes a derivative instrument for the management of impermanence risk across multiple liquidity pools. We are currently working on a proof of concept for this. …

Charli3 is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Netvrk, a social virtual cross-chain creative world. Charli3 will provide data services in their virtual world that integrates with their build for the Cardano ecosystem. Netvrk will also be providing a featured area where users can visit to socialize and interact with our data, news, and potential future partners in a dynamic way.

Netvrk brings an experienced and dedicated team to building their virtual world to create an optimal interactive user experience, integrating endless creative opportunities for all to experience. …

We are proud to announce that CHARLI3, the first decentralized oracle for the Cardano (ADA) network, will be partnering with GeroWallet, Cardano’s first all-in-one wallet, to provide independent insured oracle and aggregation services.

As an oracle, CHARLI3 interacts with real world off-chain data streams to allow for integration with on-chain data. Accurate, and reliable data streams are the backbone of successful DeFi projects like Gero Wallet. By integrating data streams from CHARLI3’s decentralized oracle network, GeroWallet will improve its product offering to its customers with secure, complementary on-chain and off-chain data in real-time.

About GeroWallet

GeroWallet is an all-in-one DeFi…

Fractal to Partner with CHARLI3 for Real-Time Price Data

We are proud to announce that CHARLI3, the first decentralized oracle network for the Cardano (ADA) network, will be collaborating with Fractal, the premier user-centric know your customer / anti-money laundering (KYC/AML) platform, to provide real-time on-chain price data for tokens in their wallet.

The trend towards KYC/AML requirements is increasing as pre-launch projects evolve towards higher jurisdictional compliance. Through enhanced privacy and data ownership, Fractal changes the way data is collected, stored, used, and monetized by participants of the virtual economy. …

Robert Hever:

Robert has experience working with over 50 executive leadership teams to help grow their business. He’s worked directly with a16z, YCombinator startups, top 10 US banks, alongside the former CTO of YouTube, and with the AI technology advisor to the Obama administration. In addition to his client work, he launched and scaled a software enabled consulting service from idea to go-to-market success: generating half a million in revenue within 10 months.

He sees the ecosystem of DApps and DeFi projects launching on Cardano as the future of grass-roots blockchain development. …


Cardano's Decentralized Oracle Solution

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